The Arthur Capper Senior Building Phase I was constructed as part of the Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg HOPE VI Revitalization. The new four-story residential apartment building includes a landscaped courtyard, new private Service Driveway and associated improvements to the public spaces. Each apartment includes a full kitchen, full bathroom, carpeted living/dining room and bedroom(s), closets, individual mechanical system and water heater. All public space and 24 fully-accessible dwelling units comply with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards; all other dwelling units comply with Fair Housing requirements. A small senior Medical Clinic is located on the first floor. Other building amenities include Main Lobby with mail room, Community Living Room, Management Suite with offices, workroom, package room and conference room, Community Room with kitchenette, drinking fountains and public restrooms, and a private Roof Terrace overlooking both the courtyard and the adjacent Marine Corps grounds. All levels of the building are served by three elevators, and there are laundry facilities and trash rooms with trash chute on each residential floor. The courtyard includes walking paths, landscaping, covered porches, benches, and provides an opportunity for resident gardening. Improvements to the public space include new sidewalks, entry steps and ramps, lighting, street trees, and accent landscaping.
Arthur Capper Senior Housing
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